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Media Articles 

Industry Nurturing Nature

Eco-industrial development has become a hot topic in the past decade. Encompassing a broad range of environmentally sustainable solutions, addressing anything from water pollution to energy management to air quality, the term has been pushed to the top of the agenda for the private and public sector alike.

However, whilst a number of regions have been heralded for their innovative eco-friendly concepts, such as Singapore with its buildings that blend with nature, the African continent continues to lag behind the rest of the world on this front.

South Africa alone emits millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, largely down to its continued reliance on coal-fired power plants. In response, the national government has revealed that it is looking to reduce harmful emissions by 34 percent by 2020, an initiative that will require coordinated action from all influential parties.

Eco-Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (EIS), in particular, is one company that is likely to play a crucial role in facilitating these changes.

“EIS’s slogan is ‘industry nurturing nature’, a motto that outlines its vision of finding techno-economically viable solutions to the challenges facing humanity today, and of promoting industrialisation in a way that is beneficial to local communities as well as the environment,” says Deshika Kathawaroo, CEO of EIS.

In pursuit of this inspiration, the firm is working to develop the first zero solid-waste eco-industrial park in Africa, known as the Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park (LEIP).  Read the full article on Africa Outlooks webpage and on Africa Outlook Brochure on LEIP

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