Towards the North-Eastern side of the Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park lies rocky hills decorated with ancient Baobab and Acacia. It is here, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the industrial activities, where 80 chalets will be built among beautifully scenic areas, wild animals and the Limpopo River.

Not only will the chalets provide accommodation and fine food to both the business man and tourist, it will also offer state-of-the art conference and communication facilities, walking trails and a very special heritage site dating back to the 16th century. In keeping with new directions in hospitality, and its own eco-design philosophy, the LEIP is proud to implement and participate in the already thriving Eco-Tourism industry of Limpopo and South Africa.

The idea behind Eco-Tourism is to minimise the environmental impact and enabling visitors to enjoy an authentic experience, while local communities benefit from the economic advantages of the endeavour. Visitors and staff alike are educated about their responsibilities concerning conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem protection.


LEIP is Proud to Implement and Participate in Eco-Tourism


An independently run eco-tourism area will form part of the Biodiversity Offset-Area, which serves to offset the unavoidable environmental impacts associated with the LEIP.


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