Industrial Ecology Faculty

An Industrial Ecology Faculty will be based within the LEIP for postgraduate students where engineers and natural scientists will be required to work together
in pairs or groups. The faculty will spearhead innovation and challenge students to devise theories and develop practical solutions for the industrial-environmental challenges facing humanity today.
The faculty will be developed in association with the University of Venda and other clean technology agencies and institutions. The LEIP can be used as
a site for practical laboratories and experiments; the creation of new ventures and the commercialisation of research.


LEIP Facilities

The Research and Development faculty will include the following facilities:

  • Library

  • Laboratory

  • Computer room

  • 10 single room accommodation

  • Canteen and lounge area

  • Two faculty areas

  • A lecture hall.


Research Opportunities

Some of the research opportunities that the Industrial Ecology will present are listed below:

  • Cleaner Production

  • Industrial Symbiosis

  • Power Co-Generation

  • Waste Management

  • Waste Water Management

  • Carbon Capture and Utilisation

  • Incubated SMMEs located within a SEZ

  • SEZs

  • Development and management of an Eco-Industrial Park

  • Nature Parks

  • Green chemistry.


Eco-Industrial Solutions and the Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park

Eco-Industrial Solutions and the Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park plan to co-fund and support a Faculty of Industrial Ecology which is to be established at one of South Africa's national universities, to offer a Master of Science degree with a vision to position the university and the faculty as an international leader in Industrial Ecology education, research and practice.