SMME Opportunities within the LEIP

Light Industrial Manufacturing will Beneficiate Heavy Industrial Products and Recycled Waste for SADC Export and Local Sales:

  • Aluminium Door and Window Manufacturing: Recycled metals and cans

  • Awning Manufacturing: Recycled metals and plastics

  • Custom Doors & Windows: Business and residential

  • Demolition & Recycling Service: Waste and reject products

  • Gates: Metal & wooden gates for businesses & residential

  • Light Metal Manufacturing: Small parts machining

  • Light Wood manufacturing: Wood-panel products, office furniture, kitchen cupboards

  • Packaging and Packing Crates: Custom packaging,packing crates,pallets

  • Patio Furniture Manufacturing: Plastic and metal furniture

  • Plastic Moulding and Extrusions: Brackets and parts, pipes,cables, large & small containers

  • Plastic; Wooden and Metal Customised Signs & Number Plates: Businesses & residential

  • Scrap Metals: Recycling & sales


Other Essential Services and Support Industries will be Located Within LEIP’S SMME Sector:

  • Welding Services: Specialised & general welding

  • Business Support  Services: Legal; commercial; environmental; auditing; reporting

  • Transportation and Logistics: Employee transportation; rental vehicles; supplies and products

  • Recruitment & Placement Office: Job openings; job applicants; labour management

  • Warehousing:Storage; management; and shipping

  • Dining Facilities: Business cafeterias; conference rooms & cafes

  • Drainage Installation & Repairs: Business & residential infrastructure

  • Day Care Centre: Business & residential customers

  • Eco-tourism Area: Management of the Nature Reserve and Chalets

  • Gym and Spa Centre: Employees could benefit from a LEIP based gym and spa centre

  • Information Technology: Computers,communications and IT Support

  • Maintenance Services: Heavy and light industrial maintenance

  • Marketing and Logistics: To facilitate the sale of manufactured and processed goods

  • Procurement Services: Bulk purchases of office supplies, equipment and common supplies

  • Product Assembly Service: For LEIP manufacturing enterprises


The following support provided to SMMEs by the LEIP Enterprise Development Centre

A Key Focus of the LEIP will be the Enterprise Development Centre, which will provide meaningfull support for new start-up SMMEs:

  • Venture financing; marketing; accounting; organisation design

  • Legal; secretarial; bookkeeping services; office and telecommunications equipment

  • Shared facilities enabling collaboration among businesses

  • Timely information on markets

  • Training in business basics

  • Mentoring from established businesses

  • Access to suitable and clean technologies

  • Access to skilled people to work in the SMMEs at sustainable wage rates

  • Access to customers within the LEIP