Visitor Centre

LEIP Office Block and Visitors’ Centre

The LEIP Office Block and Visitor Centre is designed according to industrial ecology and Green Star principles, encapsulating the spirit of the LEIP by combining the industrial metal with the beauty of nature in the large natural stone walls and big trees, to form an inspiring space where people can celebrate the harmony between ecology and technology. The building will be self-sufficient with sustainable power and will treat and re-use it’s own grey water.

All visitors will report first to the LEIP Visitor Centre, where interactive television screens will enable visitors to register, view the service facilities of the LEIP, and also to arrange for on-site visitors to receive their HSE induction and safety clothing and equipment before entering the site. 


Standing Inside an Ancient Arena

Inspired by the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, the Visitor Centre mirrors the feeling of standing inside an ancient arena. While surrounded by a towering structure and imposing steel trusses, it never threatens but rather invites you in with its wide open spaces and warm acoustics.