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Ethylene Plant

EIS is in the process of securing ethane as feedstock for the Ethylene plant, out of shale gas and CBM activities in Limpopo and Zimbabwe, and out of liquid natural gas coming to South Africa from Mozambique. Ethane is necessary because, although it is technically possible to make ethylene from coal syngas, the technologies are not sufficiently proven to satisfy financiers.

The shale gas that is potentially available in Zimbabwe, or alternatively the natural gas from Mozambique, can be pumped by pipeline to the LEIP, where ethane can be recovered for ethylene production. The remaining product is mainly methane (i.e. natural gas) that can be utilised for various other purposes (e.g. electricity generation, feedstock for chemicals manufacturing, etc.).

Ethylene Plant Capacity

As soon as EIS has reasonable certainty of the type and quantity of feedstock that can reasonably be secured, EIS will commission a full market analysis and feasibility study, to determine the capacity and required technologies for the Ethylene plant.