Baobab Preservation

The Baobab tree is a protected species and there are a great number of these giants within the LEIP site. The design of all buildings have been adapted, as far as possible, to accentuate and celebrate these magnificent elders of the Limpopo Province. The LEIP layout design incorporates the Baobabs to enhance its aesthetic value and to utilise its comforting shade. Where Baobabs absolutely have to be removed, they will be replanted in the LEIP to enhance the landscape.

The Baobab Tree

Adansonia digitata, as the baobab is known in scientific circles, is one of the trees in Africa with the longest lifespan.

Some baobabs in the province are already over three thousand years old but on average, baobab trees found particularly in the northern parts of the province are between three hundred and five hundred years old.

Near Sagole, a rural village in the northeast, is a baobab specimen that is three thousand years old and that measures 43 m in circumference at its base.