Eco-Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (EIS) is building the world's first zero solid-waste eco-industrial park, the Limpopo Eco-lndustrial Park (LEIP) project. The LEIP project exemplifies sustainable eco-industrial development and demonstrates that industrial economy and environmental health can successfully coexist.

The Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park will be the first zero solid waste Eco-Industrial Park in the world integrated with a nature reserve. The LEIP incorporates heavy and light industrial components. The waste generated from these industries that will be gasified using plasma waste gasification technology, thereby closing the loop through the conversion of solid-waste into valuable resources – syngas and


At present, there are two categories of projects in development:

1. Phase 1 Projects – Ready for Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) Implementation
2. Phase 2 Projects – Pre-Feasibility Stage.