Water works with Musina Local Municipality

Musina Water Supply Project


The LEIP is developing necessary infrastructure for the Musina Water Supply Project.  The project involves the extraction of raw water from the Limpopo river, storage dams, pumping and water treatment facilities,  to supply five million cubic metres per annum of blue drop quality potable water to the Musina Local Municipality (MLM) as well as 15 million cubic metres raw and clean water for the LEIP project itself. Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) is the Water Services Provider (WSP) and with LEIP will jointly operate the water treatment facilities and guarantee Blue drop potable water supply to MLM while the LEIP will own the assets of the Musina Water Supply Project.  To this end, LEIP Has a signed a Heads of Agreement (HOA) with LNW to secure the supply of water services to MLM. 

The total cost estimate to complete the total Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the project is estimated at ZAR 1.2 billion. Engineering design for the Musina Water Supply Project is more than 80 % completed, with Ready for Construction (RFC) drawings still to be finalised.

The Musina Water Supply Project will be one of the first two anchor projects within the LEIP, the other project being Transnet’s dry port Intermodal Terminal Facility. It has been agreed with LNW and MLM that the basic water supply infrastructure will be funded by LEIP.  Raw water will be treated by LEIP and LNW.  LNW will thereafter sell and provide potable water to the town of Musina and any other non-LEIP customers outside the LEIP, while the LEIP will supply cleaned industrial water and potable water to consumers within the LEIP, such as the new envisaged Musina Estate, Singelele Eco-Estate, and chalets located within the LEIP. The  MLM requested five million cubic metres per annum of potable water supply to Musina Town.

The risk and safety aspects of the dams have been approved by the Department of Water and Sanitation and approval of the Integrated Water Use Licence is imminent with the support of the Public Private Growth Initiative, where the LEIP is listed as one of the top ten national priority projects.

Supply and storage parameters of the Musina Water Supply Project include the following:

  • Limpopo river alluvium extraction over the three rainy season months of up to 22 million cubic metres              

  • Minimum dam storage in two off-channel dams of 20 million cubic metres

  • Raw water and waste-water treatment facilities to guarantee blue drop potable water quality

  • Sewage return and treatment from Musina Town, Musina Estate, Singelele Eco Estate and Chalets within the LEIP.


Below are CAD drawings of the potable water treatment and storage facilities.

CAD drawing indicating LEIP Water Reservoir and water treatment plant

3D illustration of LEIP water reservoirs

CAD illustration of LEIP water treatment plant

LEIP Strategic Location

  • The LEIP is a strategically located industrial hub on international transport routes including the N1 and the national railway line into SADC countries.

  • It is the gateway to many SADC markets, located six kilometres from the Beitbridge customs border post with Zimbabwe.

  • The site comprises a total of 6464 hectares, including a nature reserve that constitutes and offering a fully serviced eco-industrial platform for industries and SMMEs to flourish.

LEIP Water Supply Project Layout

LEIP site and services layout of the two major storage dams, water extraction, treatment and supply infrastructure, plus the integration with industrial tenants in the LEIP.

LEIP site layout indicating water works and supply to LEIP tentants

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